10:28 AM

Start of Semester Parking Reminders

• The first two weeks of the semester are highly impacted in the parking lots. If necessary, try parking in Lot B or lots X, Y and Z.
• Space availability is now displayed at the entrance to lots B, C, F, K, N and PS1, or through the CSUSM app.
• Your parking account can be accessed through the CSUSM app.
• Purchase a permit/paid parking session before you leave your vehicle to avoid receiving a ticket.
• If you have a new vehicle, enter in temporary paper license plate information under your valid permit. Once permanent license plates have been installed, update vehicle information under your valid permit in your parking account.
• When driving a different vehicle on campus, log into your parking account, select permit, and update vehicle information to reflect the vehicle you have parked on campus before exiting the vehicle.
• The vehicle license plate must be properly mounted and clearly visible from the drive aisle.
• Semester and academic year permits are prorated on a weekly basis after the first week of classes.