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Study Abroad in Paris this January!

Explore the beautiful city of Paris while learning about youth in French society (Jan. 5-18, 2019). Guided by Dr. Darlene Piña, students will have first-hand experiences with French youth culture as well as opportunities to establish international networks in Paris.

Sociology (SOC) 317: Youth & Society; Satisfies Upper-Division General Education requirement in the Social Sciences for students with 60 units or more (3 units of UDGE DD credit) OR 3 units of credit in Lifelong Learning (E).


During your time abroad you will:

•Study the social position of youth in French society, both past and present

•Examine institutions that socialize youth, including government, education, and employment

•Learn about youth subcultures and immigrant experiences

•Observe French customs for youth regarding friendship, dating, and family relationships

•Discover the roles media, pop culture, and technology play in the lives of French youth

•Analyze youth social movements and political participation


Attend a required Information Session to learn more:

* Tuesday, Sept. 18 at noon-1 p.m. in SBSB 1109

* Thursday, Sept. 20 at noon-1 p.m. in SBSB 1109

* Thursday, Sept. 25 at noon-1 p.m. in SBSB 1109


For more information, please contact Dr. Darlene Piña at dpina@csusm.edu.