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The Family Caregiver Workshop Series

The Family Caregiver Workshop
3 Part Series, Meeting Dates:
Thursday, Oct. 20
Thursday, Nov. 3
Thursday, Dec. 1

11 a.m.to 1 p.m. (2 hours)
We welcome attendees to bring along their lunch!

SBSB 3219 Conference Room

Workshop Description
Are you a family caregiver, providing assistance to a loved one who needs help because of physical or mental disabilities, or who is an aging family member whose health is in decline? This three-week series on family caregiving is designed to help caregivers in our CSUSM community handle their role responsibilities with less negative impact.

This workshop, designed by psychology faculty, Dr. Judi Phillips and Dr. Sharon Hamill, is open to all staff, faculty and administrators and will provide tips for improving your physical, mental and emotional health and enhancing your family and other social relationships while caregiving. Critical information about local community resources to help you, and your loved ones, to survive and thrive will also be emphasized.

Students:  Please RSVP to llipsey@csusm.edu.