San Marcos,
11:42 AM

The QUAD Welcomes First Residents

Student housing at The QUAD, which welcomed its first residents this fall, filled its occupancy with signed rental agreements while construction crews finished the first phase of the modern 158,000 sq. ft. complex adjacent to the campus. In August, The QUAD opened with 288 beds, and later will add an additional 308 in phase two, which will be completed by fall 2013.

Looking to enjoy the traditional college experience that is often associated with student housing, incoming freshman Kayla Snow of Poway was among the first to move into The QUAD late this summer.   “I feel like it’ll be an exciting and different experience to be the first to live in the new, modern apartments,” she said. “It’s nice to be close to home while still being able to be independent and enjoy the full college experience in a safe, fun and supportive environment where I can get to know my roommates and meet new students.”  

Research has shown that students living in student housing outperform their peers in the classroom with a higher GPA, and persist at a rate greater than the average college student. The supportive environment encourages involvement and helps better connect students to available resources. Similar to University Village Apartments, The QUAD offers student programming, which consists of enrichment activities, study sessions, peer counseling, health and wellness workshops, social events and leadership opportunities, as well as recreational amenities and fitness classes.

The option for themed units at The QUAD offers students an opportunity to live with those who share similar interests or experiences. For example, specific apartment units could house graduate students, veterans, transfer students or learning communities that are organized by major.

The QUAD is the first development planned for North City, a cosmopolitan center that will blend residential, retail and commercial space to create a college town around an urban square.

“The QUAD is the first vertical development of what we envision as a true mixed use, people-oriented community,” said developer Michael McDonald, president of Urban Villages San Marcos. “The proximity to CSUSM and its students will give North City a vibrancy that is unique to North County, and create an exciting extension of the University where students can live, play and work.”

Offering a 12-month contract, The QUAD lease includes all utilities. Managed by Education Realty Trust, the modern apartments also feature sustainable design elements, as well as a full kitchen with stainless steel appliances, contemporary furnishings, ample bathrooms and a flat screen TV in the shared lounge. Available floor plans include four single bedrooms with two bathrooms, three double bedrooms with three bathrooms and four double bedrooms with four bathrooms.

For contracts signed by March 15, The QUAD will apply $500 off the last month’s payment, which will drop to $250 off through May 2. For more information, visit The QUAD.