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Three Marketing Professors Are Editors of New Book

Three Cal State San Marcos marketing professors are the editors behind a new book about culture-based marketing.

Marketing bookGlen Brodowsky, professor of marketing; Rebeca Perren, associate professor of marketing; and Camille Schuster, professor emerita of marketing, teamed up to edit “Handbook of Research on Ethnic and Intra-cultural Marketing,” released by Edward Elgar Publishing.

Featuring contributions from a diverse group of marketing scholars, the book investigates “how markets are becoming increasingly similar across countries while simultaneously becoming more diverse and heterogeneous within countries” and examines “how we might better understand and serve new generations of consumers from a variety of generational, ethnic, and religiously diverse market segments.”

Chapter topics include investigating how hip-hop’s move into the mainstream raises questions about authenticity and cultural appropriation, addressing the role played by religion in consumer behavior, and mapping the diverse and complex markets of Latin America and Asia.

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