Steps Magazine Summer 2015,
15:55 PM

Top Five Reasons to Join the Alumni Association

By Katie Chappell

The CSUSM Alumni Association brings together passionate alumni who share a common bond of pride in their alma mater and a commitment to see it succeed and thrive. Membership provides tangible benefits like discounts, career boosts and access to exclusive networks of your fellow Cougars, locally and all over the country. But the greatest benefits are immaterial. Here are the top five reasons to partner with CSUSM through the Alumni Association.

1. Stay informed.

Receive timely University news and exclusive University event invitations tailored to you. When College of Business Administration graduate Roy Lee (’08) moved to Washington D.C. to pursue a career in non-profit consulting, he joined the CSUSM Alumni Association to maintain a relationship with the University from afar.

Roy Lee, '08
It was reallyimportant to meto stay invested inCSUSM's successes.I wanted to knowhow my educationalinstitution wasdoing.
Roy Lee, '08

2. Directly impact students’ lives.

Proceeds from every lifetime Alumni Association membership help to fund the Alumni Endowed Scholarship, one of the strongest alumni-supported programs at CSUSM that makes a difference in the lives of deserving students each year.

3. Strengthen your degree.

Universities are stronger when alumni are connected because alumni engagement is one of the measures of quality used to rank major universities in the United States. Your membership in the Alumni Association helps increase the prestige of Cal State San Marcos and, in turn, improves the value of your degree.

4. Be an advocate.

Joining the Alumni Association is the best way to be a voice for your alma mater. Show and share your support for the important work of the University to see it endure for another 25 years and beyond.

5. Give back.

Your involvement with the Alumni Association provides a distinct opportunity to show your gratitude to CSUSM for your educationand career preparation. Jeremy Addis-Mills, '08 looks back on his time at CSUSM with pride and appreciation for what he calls ‘a life-changing experience.’ The leadership opportunities he receivedwhile a student provided a launching pad for his career in political strategy and consulting and prepared him for his work as the chair of the Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Jeremy Addis-Mills, '08
Being a part of the Alumni Association is about wanting to give back to an institution that provided me a great education & a place to grow."
Jeremy Addis-Mills, '08

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