10:50 AM

Update Your Parking Account

Please take a minute to verify your primary vehicle information on your account. Ensure vehicle information is accurate (license plate number and state, make of vehicle, color). Remove vehicles that are no longer being used.

How to Update Vehicle Information

  1. Go to csusm.aimsparking.com
  2. Select “View My Parking Account”
  3. Click on Login under the “CSUSM Campus Login” box
  4. Log in using your campus username and password
  5. Under the “Permits” category, click on your current permit number
  6. Under “Vehicle Change Request,” click the tab according to the change; “Remove, Add, or Edit.” Complete change by selecting the “request button.”

*Max 1 vehicle for General Monthly Permit and Motorcycle Permit

License plate needs to be visible from the drive aisle. If you have a license plate on the back of the vehicle only, please park head–in so that your license plate can be read.