11:58 AM

Updated Employee Symptom Screening Protocol

San Diego County has updated its requirements for employee symptom screening, and effective Monday, June 22, employees reporting to campus for work will no longer have to stop at a temperature screening location. We will instead implement a self-screening online form. 

Updated Screening Process:

  • The form is to be completed each day that an employee will be on campus, before reporting to work.
  • Upon completing the form, the employee will see a message advising that they are either CLEARED or NOT CLEARED to report to work on campus.
  • The employee’s manager will receive an automatically generated email indicating that the employee is either CLEARED or NOT CLEARED to report to work on campus.

A copy of the full protocol is available here.

This protocol affects employees who are currently approved to work on campus and is not a call-back for other employees to return to campus. Any employee needing to work on campus and/or access any campus buildings must complete the “CSUSM COVID-19 Employee Screening Form” and be approved prior to coming to campus.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sue Belt in Integrated Risk Management at sbelt@csusm.edu. Thank you for helping us keep our campus community safe and healthy.