12:41 PM

Updates to CSU Policy Governing Provision of Employee References

The CSU recognizes that reference-checking is an important part of the search and hiring process. It further recognizes that many CSU employees are asked, on occasion, to provide positive references for former or current colleagues and/or direct reports. The CSU recently updated its Employment Policy Governing the Provision of Employee References. Key details from the updated policy are listed below.  All employees are expected to comply with the policy.

Managers who receive a request to provide a professional reference for an employee should refer that request to Human Resources or Faculty Affairs for review and response.  

Personal references are permissible but must clearly indicate they are being provided in an individual capacity and not on behalf of the CSU.  Personal references cannot be written on CSU letterhead.  Executives and senior administrators should consult with Human Resources and Faculty Affairs to determine if positive references should be provided, even in an individual capacity.

 Requests for employment verifications should continue to be referred to Payroll Services.