13:05 PM

Virtual Permit Update for Bargaining Unit Employees – New Options Available

As part of the implementation of the virtual parking permit program, the campus wants to ensure that any concerns related to the program are addressed. Therefore Parking and Commuter Services has agreed that participation in the virtual permit program for bargaining unit employees (those in APC, CSUEU, CFA, SUPA, Teamsters, UAPD, and UAW) will be optional at this time.

Bargaining Unit employees who have already started using the virtual permit may continue to participate in the virtual parking permit program on a voluntary basis, or may choose to obtain a physical permit to place in their vehicle as an alternative. Employees who elect to opt out of the virtual parking permit program may do so by contacting Parking and Commuter Services in order to pick up a physical permit and be removed from the virtual parking permit program.

Employees who choose to use a physical permit must display the permit in their vehicle at all times while on campus in order to avoid receiving a citation. We anticipate that the program will be fully implemented for all bargaining unit employees in early 2019.

For more information, or to obtain a physical permit, please contact Parking and Commuter Services at (760) 750-7500.