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YMCA and CSUSM Summer Youth Camps on Campus

Cal State San Marcos Extended Learning is now partnering with the YMCA to offer youth summer day camps on campus. These programs are designed and taught by campus faculty and program experts and supported by YMCA staff. Registration is now open to CSUSM students, faculty and staff and will open to the general public on Tuesday, May 23.

Your child will be able to learn-by-doing and will have an exciting and rare opportunity to work with a variety of CSUSM faculty. Campers will be participating in genuine research projects where they will collect data and learn about topics of the camp in a fun and safe environment.

This summer we offer:

Skate Force - A Skateboard Camp
Surf Science 101 - A Surf Camp
Maker Lab Camp
Adventures in Minecraft Modding & Game Design

Each camp is one week long and ages vary from grades 3-6, 5-8 and 7-11, depending on the camp.

Camp Hours: 8 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.

Drop-off: 8 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. at CSUSM
Pick-up: 3 – 3:45 p.m. at CSUSM

$331 for YMCA members
$390 for non-members

Scholarships offered through YMCA

Skateforce Camp
Dates: June 26–30 orJuly 10-14
Grades: 3-6

Ever wondered about the physics behind your favorite skateboard fliptrick, ollie or heelflip? Go beyond your basic skateboarding class and spend a week with University faculty and graduate students at Cal State San Marcos learning about the science and physiology of skateboarding. In this camp, you will work in the University’s exercise physiology and biomechanics lab and use state-of-the-art equipment to understand exercise intensity, strength and coordination, the limits of human performance, the motion dynamics of the skater, GPS and acceleration, skateboard design and much more. You will spend afternoons at the YMCA skate park testing what you’ve learned as you take part in open skates and activities.

Surf Science 101 Camp
Dates:July 10–14 orJuly 24-28
Grades: 3-6 with a waitlist for grades 7-10

Master your surf skills and learn about the science behind riding the waves! In this camp, you will log time on a surfboard as you participate in research, games and activities at Cal State San Marcos. CSUSM faculty and graduate students lead morning sessions in the University’s exercise physiology, biomechanics and kinesiology labs, where you will study surfboard paddling on campus in the state-of-the-art surf flume! You will work with college faculty and students on oceanography, wave formation, exercise physiology, human movement and performance, nutrition, surfboard shapes, fins, hydrodynamics and much more. In the afternoons, you can put your new skills to the test with the YMCA at the beach.

Maker Lab Camp
Dates: (attend one, two or all three weeks!):
July 10–14, July 17-21, July 24-28
Grades: 6-8

Create solar-powered cars from recycled materials. Hack electronic toys and construct your own unique contraptions. Investigate 3D printing pens. You will spend your time exploring the fascinating world of “making” in these weeklong camps at Cal State San Marcos’ designated Maker Lab. Led by CSUSM Maker experts and STEM ambassadors, you will have access to the University's Maker Lab to learn, create and explore different DIY activities such as creating electronic textiles with microcontrollers and conductive thread or building basic robots with salvaged materials. With the combination of learning-by-doing, interdisciplinary connections and CSUSM faculty expertise, the possibilities are endless. Each week focuses on different activities, so you are invited to attend one, two or all three weeks!

Adventures in Minecraft Modding & Game Design
Dates: August 14 -18
Grades: 3 - 6

Do you love Minecraft? In this camp, you will learn how to manipulate your favorite game by re-programming Minecraft creatures and entire worlds. Learn to design and code your own unique Minecraft mods and mini-games. Through our powerful Minecraft Modding Studio, you will learn the foundations of computer science and become tech savvy. This camp includes free access to special Minecraft modding software and a free secure, private server so you can share your mini-games and mods with friends and family.