16:16 PM

CSUSM Trans and Gender Non Conforming Charge and Membership

In an effort to ensure ongoing support for members of our Trans and Gender Non-Conforming community at Cal State San Marcos, I am formalizing the status of the CSUSM Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Task Force. Your participation and knowledge will greatly benefit the University and the goals we are working to achieve, which include providing an open, welcoming and safe environment all members of our community.

The CSUSM Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Task Force is advisory to the President and will be charged with the following:

Review and make recommendations regarding protocols, programs and services for the CSUSM Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Communities to include:

  • Preferred Name Policy Implementation
  • Restrooms
  • Training
  •  Housing

A final report of your findings and recommendations will be due to me by March 17, 2017. Thank you in advance for agreeing to serve in this capacity. Jessica Halsey in the Office of the President will be reaching out to you to schedule the first meeting.

Task Force Membership:
Char Booth, Associate Dean, Library (Chair)
Bridget Blanshan, Associate Vice President and Title IX Coordinator
Lisa Mclean, Senior Labor & Employee Relations Manager, Human Resources
Steve Ramirez, Interim Director, Planning, Design and Construction
Jay Robertson-Howell, Psychologist, Student Health & Counseling Services
Lisa Medina, Registrar, Enrollment Management Services
Anne Rene Elsbree, Professor, School of Education
Deborah Morton, Lecturer, Public Health
Betsy Read, Professor, Biology
Wesley Dayhoff, Student
Zev Anbar, Student
Jessica Dockstader, Student