San Marcos,
23:03 PM

A New Era of Crash

By Katie Chappell & Christine Vaughan

Amid the excited roars of over 1,000 students and fans at Cougar Madness, CSUSM’s mascot debuted with a new look, feel and attitude, ready to help athletics compete to their full potential in NCAA Division II.

Crash the Cougar surprised the crowd when the new mascot took to the court following the team introductions during the late-night pep rally that kicked off the basketball season.

“We are excited to embrace our new Crash and continue campus tradition, while also bringing in a new look and feel that aligns with our Cougar spirit logo and the NCAA brand,” said Athletics Director Jennifer Milo.

Crash was first brought to life by Associated Students, Inc. in 2004 with a student vote and has served CSUSM as the campus life mascot for 13 years. With the inaugural season as a full NCAA member, CSUSM officially moved Crash within Cougar Athletics. As part of that transition, students were consulted to create a design that embodies the athletics brand, unifies fan support and elevates the athleticism of the mascot.

“As important representatives of universities, mascots provide energy to athletic games as fierce but friendly competitors and champions for their teams,” said Ashley Eszlinger, CSUSM’s spirit programs coordinator.

Some fun facts about the new Crash mascot include:

  • Crash is now spirit blue and resembles the Cougar Athletics logo
  • Crash’s more proportionate body allows for tumbling maneuvers
  • The suit was custom made for CSUSM by Alinco, a renowned design agency responsible for many NBA, NHL and NCAA DI schools’ mascots
  • Crash remains gender non-conforming to represent all students