San Marcos,
09:18 AM

Campus Receives Wireless Upgrades

By Whitney Frasier

Students can use less mobile data while playing Pokémon Go this semester by staying connected to the Wi-Fi network while on campus.

Significant updates have been made to common areas over the summer, particularly to outdoor wireless. Improvements have already been completed and are available for use.

“The outdoor wireless opens up huge areas of the campus where students will now be able to be connected, meaning more areas to study as well as have outdoor class activities that require network,” said Justin Power, Network Analyst Lead for Instructional and Information Technology Services.

Updates have also been extended to infrastructures that belong to California State University San Marcos, including University Village Apartments (UVA) and the Temecula Margarita campus, as well as expanding coverage in the Center for Children and Families. The wireless equipment that connects the foundation building to the campus network is also being upgraded and should be completed by the end of September.

Students in the UVA will notice an improved wireless experience as the new technology reduces interference and increases bandwidth in high-density areas. Students at the Temecula Margarita campus will also have an improved wireless experience for the same reasons.

“To get the most out of the wireless upgrades, it is best if students have devices that support the latest wireless standards,” Power said.

Although the wireless upgrades are intended to improve learning environments and accessibility to stay connected, students obsessed with playing Pokémon Go will want to ensure they bring their backup battery chargers with them to campus.