San Marcos,
16:33 PM

Consent is Sexy: Cal State San Marcos Staff Expert on Sexual Assault Available to Media

Expert Alert by Margaret Chantung

California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) Health Educator Cathy Nguyen is an expert on university-level programs to help students develop healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices. In light of the White House's report on steps to preventable sexual assault at college campuses, CSUSM's Health Education Program is an example of best practices, universities can take to transform individual behaviors and create positive social change for a safe, healthy and inclusive university campus.

Nguyen managed the production of "Consent is Sexy" a video thats shown to all incoming freshmen at CSUSM, educating them on what is sexual consent. The video, inspired by the Consent is Sexy campaign and the Monroe County Sexual Assault Response Team, can be seen on YouTube: .

"The only way to be positive your partner is consenting to check in with them along the way, listen to Their responses, and act accordingly," said Nguyen. "Ask your partner what she or he wants! And ask again if you're not sure. Really respect Their wishes. And good sex, sex you will not regret later, is all about respect. "

In addition, Nguyen oversees the peer education program, STARS (Students Talking about Relationships and Sex) All which Utilizes theater and dialogue to transform individual behaviors and create positive social change. The CSUSM STARS team of 12 to 15 students Educates Their peers in classrooms and at special events.

"The STARS interactive theater program Initiates dialogue about interpersonal violence using improvisational theater," said Nguyen. "These presentations focus on sexual assault, bystander intervention and relationship abuse."

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