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CSUSM at Temecula Expands and Reopens in New and Larger Facility

CSUSM at Temecula Expands and Reopens in New and Larger FacilityIn 2007, in response to tremendous growth projections and the obvious need for a public higher education option in the region, CSUSM began work with Southwest Riverside County leaders to open an off-campus center in Temecula without the use of state funds.  Thanks to innovative partnerships with the City of Temecula and business leaders such as Paul Garrett, as well as $470,000 in private donations, CSUSM at Temecula was able to begin offering classes at the Paul Golding Garrett Institute for Higher Learning in 2008. It only took two years for CSUSM at Temecula to outgrow its original facility; and on October 18, higher education in Southwest Riverside County began a new chapter with the grand reopening of Cal State San Marcos at Temecula in a new - and larger - facility.CSUSM at Temecula officially relocated to the new building, the site of a former elementary school, in August. As was the case with the founding of CSUSM at Temecula, this move was made possible thanks to the strong commitment and support of civic and community leaders. The Temecula Unified School District provides the facility at a $1-per-year lease for 10 years. The City of Temecula approved a $3 million redevelopment grant, and the City of Murrieta approved a $200,000 redevelopment grant to fund the renovations and ongoing development of CSUSM at Temecula. CSUSM at Temecula continues to operate without state funds.CSUSM at Temecula now occupies an 18,000 square foot space which includes eight classrooms and a student lounge. There's a lab for biology and a training room for kinesiology as well as two mock hospital rooms complete with state-of-the art simulation manikins.The program offerings also are expanding at CSUSM at Temecula and include a bachelor's degree in kinesiology and bachelor's and master's program in nursing, as well as several business certificate programs. Among the degree offerings is a two-year accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing, which is designed for students who hold a degree in a discipline outside of nursing. Enrolled in the program is Hemet resident Shannon Starnater, who earned her first bachelor's degree in Human Development from CSUSM in the fall of 2009."I've always wanted to be a nurse," said Starnater. "It's really nice and convenient to now have a University campus so close to home."In spring 2011, CSUSM at Temecula will offer a Bachelor of Business Administration; and in the fall 2011, an MBA program will be available to students. A variety of other programs also are being considered based on industry demand and feedback from area employers.High school students also can take advantage of offerings such as SAT test preparation courses. There is even something for mature "lifelong" learners through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI), where there are no tests, quizzes, or grades - members of OLLI come to class simply to experience the "joy of learning."With just two years in the region, CSUSM at Temecula is already building a strong name for itself."I really value being a part of the nursing program on the Temecula campus," said nursing student Joyce Basanes. "I was once told by the Charge Nurse at the Hemet Valley Medical Center, where we do our clinical rounds, that ‘we like the nursing students from CSUSM because they are a higher caliber of students.' Comments like that are so rewarding."Temecula can now stake a claim as a "University Town" thanks to the leadership and vision of the community and local business and city leaders. The residents of Southwest Riverside County can take great pride in belonging to a community that is a pioneer of 21st-century public higher education, and they can look forward to reaping the benefits of increased opportunity and enhanced growth for many years to come.Learn more online by visiting www.csusm.edu/temecula.