12:05 PM

DACA and Our Campus

Greetings Campus Community,

As many of you may be aware, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is a pending decision topic for the Trump Administration. DACA is a program that has protected young undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children, and any decision to modify or suspend this program will have a significant impact.

I understand the concerns of many members of the campus community and, particularly, the effected students and their families regarding any adverse change to DACA. The CSU System and our campus are continuing to monitor this situation closely.

In the meantime, it is important to note that the AB 540 provisions are California law, so the enrollment, out-of-state tuition waiver, and financial aid for AB 540 students, including those AB 540 students who may be undocumented, will remain in place even if DACA is suspended.

In addition, the CSU System and Campus decision still remains for University Police to not undertake joint efforts with federal immigration enforcement authorities to investigate, detain or arrest individuals for issues related to federal immigration law. As was shared last spring, if for any reason a student or member of our faculty or staff are stopped on campus by any official asking for information or documentation, immediately contact our University Police Department at 760-750-4567 or 911 from any campus phone. The University Police Department will act as a liaison with the on-site officials, and will coordinate with the CSU Office of General Counsel to provide guidance, references and resources as available.

CSU System level information is available on the FAQs about Federal Immigration Enforcement Actions on University Property, which can be found at https://www2.calstate.edu/attend/student-services/resources-for-undocumented-students/Documents/Undocumented-FAQs.pdf. Additional information for students can be found on the CSU Resources for Undocumented Students website at www.calstate.edu/resources-for-undocumented-students and in this updated student resources FAQ at https://www2.calstate.edu/attend/student-services/resources-for-undocumented-students/Pages/faq-daca-update.aspx.

Our CSUSM Undocumented and AB 540 Student Support Services web portal, which can be found at http://www.csusm.edu/undocumented/, provides information about off-campus resources, including legal assistance. In addition, on campus assistance is available from:

  • Student Health and Counseling Services for supportive, confidential counseling. Call 760-750-4915 (ext. 4915) and ask for Alli Peters, Jay Robertson-Howell, Lissa Lim or Laura Thode.
  • Social justice centers, for supportive environments to discuss and engage with others. To contact the Cross-Cultural Center (USU 3400), call 760-750-4958 (ext. 4958) and ask for Floyd Lai. To contact the Latin@ Center (USU 3300), call 760-750-3670 (ext. 3670) and ask for Andres Favela.
  • SOAR (Student Outreach and Referral) for referral to on- and off-campus resources for students. To contact SOAR, call 760-750-7627 (ext. 7627) and ask for Patty Diaz.
  • Personalized Academic Success Services (PASS) for support and connections to on- and off-campus resources for students. To contact PASS, call 760-750-6056 (ext. 6056) and ask for Rosa Palacios.
  • The Office of University Ombuds for confidential and neutral assistance for students, faculty and staff. To contact the University Ombuds, call 760-750-8366 (ext. 8366) and ask for Marilyn McWilliams.
  • Financial Aid Office for questions about financial aid status impact. To contact Financial Aid, call 760-750-4850 (ext. 4850) and ask for Sandra Carrillo, Jessica Esparza, or Elizabeth Lopez Diaz.

During these uncertain times, I want to again reassure the campus community that CSUSM is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and welcoming learning environment where all members of the community can work, study and pursue their goals together.

Lorena Checa
Vice President of Student Affairs