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Dr. Wendy Hansbrough: Training a New Generation of Nurses

By David Ogul

Dr. Wendy Hansbrough has long had a love for teaching. Over the years she helped train new nurses at the University of Colorado Hospital Burn Center and later at UC San Diego Health, where she worked from 1984 to 2007. Now she’s using her expertise and experience as an assistant professor at the Cal State San Marcos School of Nursing.

Hansbrough came to CSUSM as a part-time clinical faculty member in 2010. She is currently collaborating with colleagues at Veterans Administration centers in San Diego and Chicago to research the nurse-patient relationship and how it affects quality of patient care.

Teaching and research allows her to meld two major interests.

“I have always enjoyed teaching,” Hansbrough said. “I did that at the bedside with new nurses and nurses new to burn care for decades. I was involved with developing certification standards for burn care and worked with a burn research team. So when I decided to step away from direct health care on the service side, it made sense to move into academia where I could blend my teaching and research passions.”

She has no regrets about coming to CSUSM.

“Cal State San Marcos affords me the opportunity to work everyday doing what I love with wonderful colleagues,” said Hansbrough. “I appreciate being able to work with smart and enthusiastic students and hopefully influence them to be the next generation of professional nurses who will lead the ongoing changes that are needed in health care.”