San Marcos,
09:00 AM

Mentoring Others at the Top of Her List

By David Ogul

She is a seasoned marketing professional, works with an innovation startup in San Francisco and founded, a subscription mentorship site. But ask Misti Cain what her greatest accomplishment is, and she won’t hesitate to tell you.

“Not being a statistic,” Cain said.

As a black female from a just-above-middle-class family, I'm aware of all the negative statistics regarding earning potential and unemployment, crime rates, drug abuse, marital dysfunction, and more. I'm proud to be a successful entrepreneur, happily married, and able to be a mentor to others.”

As an Executive in Residence at CSUSM’s College of Business Administration, Cain is finding ample opportunity to mentor.

“My job as an executive in residence is making sure our students understand how to be a better professional, how to prepare for the job market before and after graduating from college, and how to build a career.”

Raised in Central California, Cain often found herself as the only African American student in her honors classes. She values education and strongly believes it doesn't and shouldn't stop after college. After several years as a traditional and digital marketing professional, Cain found her calling as a mentor and entrepreneur, and she has been building a successful career since.

Why the involvement with CSUSM?

I live and work in North County and want to give back to my community,” Cain said. “I also think the College of Business Administration is well run and expertly organized. I'm honored to be a part of it. 

“I live and work in North County and want to give back to my community.”
Misti Cain