14:01 PM

Puerto Rico Disaster Relief Donations

Dear Campus Community:

Several of our colleagues have asked me how to help Puerto Rico to recover from the aftermath of Hurricane María. I would like to ask that you spread the word if possible. I am including information for anyone interested. A rule of thumb I use is to donate to organizations that are more grass-roots oriented, without large bureaucracies.

The following initiatives are solid ways to support local efforts at relief and recovery. I have included longer descriptions for those who want more information.

1. We are forming a group to help college students in Puerto Rico who are at risk of losing their semester/academic year to offer classes to prevent this situation from happening. I would like to share with you the link below so that any colleague who is interested in offering help can do so. One big requirement is that the professor is a Spanish speaker (native, or fluent). If you could help me spread the word, I will really appreciate it.


2. Humanitarian Needs: https://www.puertoricorecoveryfund.com This non-profit is connected with the reputable Center for a New Economy, with $768,000 raised as of Oct. 6. Their aims focus on immediate humanitarian needs; advocacy in San Juan and Washington, DC; and medium-to-long-term economic development:

3. Sustainable Agriculture: https://www.visitrico.org/products/donateTo contribute to the recovery of Puerto Rico's sustainable agriculture movement, this initiative is coordinating with several respected groups. Food sovereignty is one of the most important social movements in Puerto Rico today.


4. Reforestation: http://www.paralanaturaleza.org/centros/donate.html This long-standing local reputable organization is aiming efforts at reforestation and restoration of natural habitats in Puerto Rico: http://www.paralanaturaleza.org/centros/donate.html 

5. Community Kitchens: https://www.cdpecpr.org/comedores-sociales-de-puerto-rico This is probably among the most immediate ways your donation can help in Puerto Rico now: with community kitchens serving hot meals in communities hard-hit by the storm. Started in 2013 on the University of Puerto Rico campuses of Río Piedras and Cayey, and now based in Caguas, they have since expanded to include two organic gardens. The kitchens operate on the principles of bartering and self-starting initiative. To donate using Paypal, click "Hacer un donativo" at upper right. https://www.cdpecpr.org/comedores-sociales-de-puerto-rico

6. Informal Communities: https://www.gofundme.com/cano-martin-pena-relief-fund This GoFundMe fund-raising campaign for the acclaimed Community Land Trust of the Caño Martin Peña communities has nearly reached its goal. Donations would directly help the nearly half of the 26,000 inhabitants in this informal neighborhood that suffered serious damage to their homes:


Thank you.
Michelle F. Ramos Pellicia, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Spanish, Applied Linguistics
Faculty Fellow, Faculty Mentoring Program