San Marcos,
11:12 AM

School of Education Fills Teacher Demand

By Katie Chappell

Over the next decade, there will be a demand for nearly 100,000 new teachers, as California's population grows and one-third of the state's teachers near retirement. CSUSM's School of Education is ready to meet that demand, graduating enthusiastic educators who are equipped to make a difference in the lives of children.

"Cal State San Marcos graduates are unique to many of the graduates who come and interview for jobs,” said Kevin Holt, superintendent of San Marcos Unified School District. “They really are prepared to be first-year teachers."

Graduates from the School of Education are highly sought out by local school districts, who recognize them as being prepared to succeed in their classrooms. 

 "We are told all the time by principals, that they see Cal State San Marcos School of Education on our alumni’s resumes that those resumes go to the top," said Erika Daniels, associate professor of Education.