San Marcos,
17:25 PM

Serving in His Honor

By Christine Vaughan

CSUSM students volunteered their day off of school to honor the life and legacy of civil rights activist César Chávez with a special all-campus community service day on Friday, March 30, 2018. More than 300 students spent a collective 1,000 hours serving 12 North County nonprofits constructing a mural, cleaning a community center, gardening, beautifying a horse ranch, and organizing donations at a charity thrift store.

CSUSM's annual César Chávez Day of Service coincides with César Chávez Day, a state holiday held in remembrance of the late founder of the United Farm Workers Union and pioneer in the struggles for fair wages and humane working conditions for farm workers and their families. Chávez is revered as one of the greatest American civil rights leaders.

Learn more about CSUSM's unique connection to César Chávez in Beyond the Statue.

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