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Sign Up for Speech and Language Screenings and Therapy for Children

For the most part, children acquire speech and language skills along a similar developmental timeline. Before kindergarten, children should be able to follow simple directions, answer questions, use a variety of labels for objects, put many words together to form a sentence, and produce most of their speech sounds correctly. Any speech or language problem may have a significant effect on the child's social skills, academic skills, and behavior. Research has shown that difficulties with early language skills are linked to difficulties with reading and writing in elementary school. Early identification and treatment of challenges improve a child's ability to understand and express themselves, leading to a successful preschool experience, socialization and more favorable academic outcomes later on.

Faculty and students in the Speech-Language Pathology program at CSUSM will provide speech and language screenings and therapy for preschool and early elementary school-aged children at no cost. These services will be provided via Zoom telehealth on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from the end of January through the beginning of May.

Please contact Laura Coca at lcoca@csusm.edu for more information.