San Marcos,
10:25 AM

Yvonne Nalani Meulemans: Developing Research Skills at CSUSM

By David Ogul

Yvonne Nalani Meulemans can thank the fruit flies of Hawai’i for leading her to Cal State San Marcos, where she leads a team of librarians preparing students to become skilled researchers.

While working during her undergraduate days at the University of Hawai’i in a laboratory studying fruit flies, Meulemans became fascinated with the research involved.

“I really enjoyed the hunt of finding research relevant to the topic at hand,” she said.

Meulemans went on to earn her master’s degree in Library and Information Science, and now serves as director of CSUSM’s Information Literacy Program. Meulemans also is the subject specialist for the psychology department, working with students in that major on their research.

“More than ever, students need to be critical thinkers,” said Meulemans. “One of the major ways students do that in our contemporary, technology-rich environment is by being more sophisticated in their use and creation of information. Library faculty are experts at helping students learn this, especially as it applies to their major and the career paths they are interested in.”

What does she like most about Cal State San Marcos?

“The students,” she said. “Many of our students never assumed they would go to college. When they get here, they can be so overwhelmed. Once they find their footing, it is so amazing to watch them be more curious about what they are learning and see what they are really capable of. It’s an an honor and a responsibility to be a part of their education.”