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CSUSM Celebrates Black History Month with Series of Events

By Katie Chappell

In observance of Black History Month, CSUSM is hosting events throughout February that highlight and honor African American culture and accomplishments, including a comedy show, an Arts and Lectures event on women’s rights, race and LGBTQ equality, a natural hair show, a weekly lecture series and a film screening.

“Black History Month is a time for everyone to recognize the positive contributions of black people,” said Andrea Green, volunteer student assistant in the Black Student Center. “This spotlight allows us to take time to showcase the achievements of the black community and combat negative stereotypes.”

In addition to the Black History Month events, the Black Student Center marks its one-year anniversary on Feb. 23. The center’s mission is to bring all students together to create a community where students can achieve academic excellence and obtain resources that empower them to be effective and involved citizens.

The Black Student Center and campus event partners hope that CSUSM’s Black History Month events will encourage a richer view of African American accomplishments throughout our nation’s history.

“We hope these events strike the curiosity of all students and start a conversation that continues beyond this month,” Green said. “In order to know where you’re going, you have to know your history. And this is all of our history.”