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Popular Campaign Returns to Call Dibs

By Christine Vaughan

Last fall, staff and faculty wasted no time calling dibs to temporarily name a unique campus landmark in support of students. The playful employee giving campaign, which debuted in fall 2018 and in its first year eliminated the funding gap of the Student Emergency Fund, has returned with even greater popularity.

Dibs embraces the child play expression, inviting faculty and staff to call “dibs” to name a location on campus for 15 days in October. Employees can choose from hundreds of options, from naming a coffee at the USU, to a favorite bench, an office or conference room, a USU terrace or even the rotunda. Gift amounts start at $25.

While bragging rights are included, the campaign brings attention to a greater issue: the Student Emergency Fund. Managed by Associated Students, Inc., the fund helps lessen the burden for students experiencing unexpected and urgent financial needs.

Every year, the fall employee giving campaign raises funds for various university initiatives. But the focus isn’t set on a dollar goal; instead, the campaign emphasizes growing a culture of philanthropy among employees.

Dibs is once again doing just that. Three weeks into the campaign, more than 57 locations have been claimed, surpassing all of last year’s benchmarks – both in employee participation and size of gifts.

“It’s exciting to see our employee donor base continue to grow,” said Sean Briner, director of annual programs. “Dibs is another fun opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of our students.”

The Dibs campaign closes on Sept. 20 as signs go into production to be posted by Oct. 1. To call dibs before a colleague, visit csusm.edu/dibs or contact Briner at sbriner@csusm.edu.

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